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A secret com for the Potter fandom, and Potter Com
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potter secrets;

breaking unspeakable curses since 2009

Welcome to potter_sekrits, we're a brand new Harry Potter secret community, dedicated to bringing you secrets about the fandom, other Harry Potter communities, and members of said communities. Please follow the rules, and have fun!

The rules are simple. We're going to keep this place drama free, so to do that, we won't accept any hate secrets, or any incredibly offensive secrets. Both of those include any personal or direct mention of another member in a negative way, racial slurs, derogatory comments based on sexuality, or gender, etc. We do have good senses of humor though, so don't fret too bad. Please make sure all your secrets pertain to the fandom, Harry Potter communities, or Members of said communities. Remember, this is Potter secrets, so just about anything in that category is allowed. We do not allow hate secrets on MEMBERS, but for the actors, or opinions of the books or movies, ect, hate secrets are allowed, but making a secret that says, “god damn, isn‘t social culture an ugly bitch, tell her to get back in the kitchen!!” wont be allowed. Please follow the guidelines while submitting your secrets, or chances are, we won't get them, or be able to post them on time.

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